I might not have the best taste palette or cooking skills, but I absolutely love to eat, from the food that enters my mouth to the actual act of dining. I genuinely feel and exude excitement whenever I talk about food, eating food, or anything and everything related to food. I will most likely finish anything that is left in front of me, whether I like the dish or not. Must be the Asian instilled in me from birth of not wasting any food. Sometimes I like to pretend that I have some self control though. 😉

Eating food is an experience – who you dine with, how the person who brings your food treats you, the lighting and decor of the restaurant interior. Blogging also allows me to brush up on those rusty English skills learned back in high school when I genuinely enjoyed spending hours writing creative pieces for class.

New York City still serves as my culinary playground, and my friends have grown accustomed to my “Hey…can I take a picture of that before you start eating?”